Ready? Okay!

usc-cheerleadersLadies and gentlemen, hold on to your pom-poms; cheerleading is on its way to becoming an Olympic sport.

Cheerleading has been given provisional recognition as an Olympic sport.

That means the sport will get £19,700 a year from the International Olympic Committee to spend on training the cheerleading athletes of the future. These two new sports would take the number of recognised Olympic sports to 37.

Becoming part of the Olympic Games can take seven years, but host cities are allowed to introduce sports of their choice for a one-off appearance.

In other words, that bulimic, self-centered bitch who had a three-way with your former and current boyfriend now has a chance to earn a gold medal for making a human pyramid.


5 thoughts on “Ready? Okay!

  1. Wyatt, you’re being too hard on cheerleaders Some of them are very athletic! Why, I remember Mary Sue Ellen back behind the bleachers in high school…maybe I should save this story for a different forum??

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