Sunday Services


This week’s services centers upon one half of Hollywood’s infamous power couples: Brad Pitt. And no, I cannot believe I haven’t posted him before today, either.

Brad Pitt

Of course, Brad is now on the market, so ladies get your panty-throwing arms ready!

There are more photos below the fold…

Pitt is one of the guys who shows up in all my favorite films. True Romance, Snatch, Seven, Inglourious Basterds, Fury… the list goes on and on.


Of course, he also appeared in Cool World, but that’s n one of my business…

Brad Pitt Snatch

The services are now ended. You may go in peace.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. Vinnie – He’s a fine actor, and he has landed a ton of fabulous babes.

    Jenn – You would be too tired to ever leave the bed; which I guess is a good thing.

    Mike47 – She lost her UFC fight in a minute and a half Saturday night. I had the sadz.


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