This Is A Rubbery!

the-naked-gun-sex-shopAn armed thug learned what happens when the rubber meets the road this week, after his victims attacked him with sex toys.

An armed man who entered an adult-themed store Wednesday and demanded cash was chased off by two employees who lobbed sex toys at him.

The man can be seen pacing around San Bernardino’s Lotions and Lace before pulling a hood over his head and entering the store. He marched toward the cashier’s counter with gun drawn, but two women working the late shift refused to back down. Instead, they began yelling at the man and threw sex toys at him.

The suspect did not shrink from the attack, but I am surprised he didn’t get a bad vibe about this establishment. Lucky for him, he was not struck with any solid toys, or he would have had to limp away.


5 thoughts on “This Is A Rubbery!

  1. I saw the tape on that. He points a gun in this woman’s face and she tells him to pound sand, while her coworker throws sex toys at him. Kids: do not try this at home!


    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t have done it. Apparently there was very little cash in the till, and the woman was shaming him along the lines of “Are you really threatening to shoot me for $25?”
      Unfortunately, in some cases, the answer is “Yes”.

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