Paging Miss VanZant…

paige-vanzantYou may remember Paige VanZant from an early installment of Sunday Services. VanZant is a crazy hot UFC fighter who has been battling her way to a title fight. VanZant’s first main event was broadcast on Fox Saturday night. Sadly, it was not a main event she will want to remember.

Paige VanZant didn’t want to tap. Not in her backyard, not in the first round, not on national television.

So as Michelle Waterson locked in a rear-naked choke hold tight, VanZant fought and fought until she could fight no more. It wasn’t until VanZant’s face started to change color and she was on the verge of passing out that referee John McCarthy stepped in and waved off the fight.

It wasn’t the storybook finish to her main event she had been hoping for, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of storybook finishes for her in the near future.

I was watching the fight, and VanZant lost in about a minute and a half. A photo of karate machine Michelle Waterson, the opponent who defeated Paige, is below the fold…

Waterson’s nickname is the “Karate Hottie.” The name certainly suits her.


For a sport where athletes get their asses kicked for a living, there are a surprisingly large number of fabulous babes in UFC.

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