You Can’t Spell Baptists Without PSAT

kyles-psat-scoreNo, I literally have no idea how that title is relevant to this post, but it looked kinda Christmasy.

Do Baptists even celebrate Christmas?

Anyway, this is Kyle’s minty-fresh PSAT score. Kyle, a sophomore, took the test for the first time, and was hesitant in his expectations. Now, back when I was a lad – walking to school uphill in the snow BOTH WAYS! – a perfect score was 1600. Nowadays, a perfect score is apparently 2400(?) so I’m guessing Kyle’s score was more impressive when parachute pants were in style. UPDATE: Mrs. Earp just informed me a prefect score is 1520-1600, and this is Kyle’s second time taking the PSAT. He scored a 950 in the first go ’round.

Of course, I don’t remember if I took the PSAT, but my SAT score was a mediocre 1090. It was enough to get accepted to three schools (St. Joseph’s, LaSalle, and Ursinus), so I figure that was good enough.

Kyle’s grades are much better than mine, so even if his PSAT score is so-so, his grades will help him in the long run. Either way, I’m proud of the boy. Standardized tests aren’t usually his milieu.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Spell Baptists Without PSAT

  1. Congrats to Kyle! Taking it early will also show him areas for improvement prior to taking the SAT down the road. Since I am older than dirt, I took the ACT but my kids took the SAT. And, as a Baptist…………..Christmas is definitely celebrated in my denomination. And, my church even has a Christmas program which all the kids participate in. I used to have to play the piano each year for the program. My husband, who was raised Methodist used to laugh when he saw a manger scene set up in what he called “the dip tank”. We had baptism by immersion.

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