This Post Brought To You By The Letter P


A pregnant Florida woman is selling her urine on Craigslist for $25 a pop, mostly for pees and giggles.

The anonymous Jacksonville woman has begun selling her positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist, offering buyers one for $25 or two for $35 if they’ve traveled far. She’ll even sell just a cup of urine for anyone who wants to obtain the positive results at home.

“I am 3 months [pregnant] and I am providing a product in which the consumer is able to purchase positive pregnancy tests or ursine for your own use,” the ad, which has since been removed, explained.

“Whether you are using it for your own amusement, such as a prank, or to blackmail the CEO of where ever, [whom] you are having an affair with, I DON’T CARE AT ALL. This is an absolutely no-questions-asked type of deal.”

Honestly, at $25 each, this is a steal. I normally acquire my urine from pregnant crack addicts. Sure, the yellow gold is free, but it costs $50 to be deloused afterward.


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