Is It Over?

someecards-christmasBy some strange, wonderful miracle, I survived another Christmas. Believe me, at times there were severe doubts I would make it through the entire day.

Kevin was the first to wake up. He did so at 5:30am, and gleefully ran into our room to wake us up. Again, at 5:30AM! Ever the professional parent, she shooed the boy back to his room with specific orders not to come back until 7am. We both tried to mutter ourselves back to sleep, but were not very successful.

At 7AM, Kevin and Julia ran in to the room singing about how Santa came and left a ton of presents. It was still too early for me, but our rule is 7am, so we let them climb into bed with us until Kyle and Erik woke up. Mercifully, that occurred at 7:30…

The kids ran down the stairs and tore through the living room like Tasmanian Devils, leaving carnage and wrapping paper in their wake. They were universally happy with their booty, so we hung out until my mom and sister came over for breakfast. Mrs. Earp cooked bacon in the oven, some grease spilled inside, and we spent twenty minutes clearing the kitchen of smoke. So that was fun.

Smoke aside, breakfast went well, and when my family left, we had a few hours before Christmas dinner at the in-laws. I went upstairs to make the bed, Kevin followed me, and after we played for a while I apparently fell asleep. I woke up in time to shower and leave for dinner, but was dealing with a massive stomach ache from eating too much.

My MIL cooked lasagna for dinner – which is always fantastic – and we opened presents afterward. My niece, who is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, bought me a Pitt Panthers t-shirt. It was much appreciated. The kids again enjoyed their booty and we headed home. It is now 10pm on Christmas, and I realized I have no posts for tomorrow – or today, I guess – and since I am exhausted, the rundown of the day’s events will have to do for now.

Oh, and in other news, George Michael from WHAM! passed away. Apparently this was his Last Christmas. Zing!


2 thoughts on “Is It Over?

  1. “Mrs. Earp cooked bacon in the oven, some grease spilled inside, and we spent twenty minutes clearing the kitchen of smoke”
    Some people just burn incense, Wyatt, but admittedly, it doesn’t have that hickory smoke scent we all crave!


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