Prominent Rabbi Criticizes Obama

rabbi-levi-shemtovRabbi Levi Shemtov used the National Hanukkah Menorah lighting to take Barack Obama to task for allowing an anti-Israel vote to pass through the United Nations.

Shemtov, executive vice president of American Friends of Lubavitch, turned an Obama administration official’s speech about “fighting darkness with light” on its head, evoking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urging Jews not to despair about the “darkness” cast by the United Nations vote.

Shemtov spoke after remarks by Adam Szubin, treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, and the Obama administration’s representative Sunday at the event.

While some may think the rabbi’s intervention was inappropriate, perhaps Shemtov believed since Obama dropped the mask, it would be best if he did, as well.

“Secretary Szubin spoke before of fighting darkness with light,” Shemtov said. “I remember those words being spoken to a particular man by the rabbi many many years ago on Simchat Torah,” an annual Jewish holiday which marks the conclusion of one reading of the Torah and beginning of another.

“The rabbi told him you are working in a place where there is great grief and darkness, but remember that in that place of darkness, you can only counter it by lighting a candle. By creating light,” Shemtov continued. “That man was Benjamin Netanyahu, and he was at the time the ambassador to the United Nations.”

Shemtov then went on to bring up Friday’s 14-0 U.N. Security Council vote. The Obama administration abstained from voting, allowing the measure to pass and marking a significant shift in U.S. policy.

The United Nations – easily one of the most antisemitic organizations on Earth – voted to declare Israeli settlements in the West Bank “illegal.” Obama told his minions to abstain from voting, which guaranteed the despicable legislation would pass. It would be Obama’s last “F**k you” to Israel and Netanyahu.


3 thoughts on “Prominent Rabbi Criticizes Obama

  1. Obama wasn’t content just to be more incompetent than Jimmy Carter, but he had to surpass Carter’s antisemitism, to secure the title: Worst President Ever.


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