Vanessa At The Bat

vanessa-barceloMeet Vanessa Barcelo.

Vanessa is a hot little beauty queen who was recently crowned Miss Miami Lakes. She wowed the judges in the evening gown event, impressed the guys during the swimsuit competition, and her talent? Well, let’s say it’s swinging a baseball bat.

Reigning Miss Miami Lakes Vanessa Lucile Barcelo, 26, was arrested on Thursday after allegedly accosting a man who was at a party she was hosting at her home. She faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery and battery.

NBC reports Barcelo was “very intoxicated” when she told the man, who she reportedly knows, to leave her house. Though he was complying, Barcelo and another unnamed man allegedly kept pushing him down the stairs. She also then allegedly chased him out of the house with an aluminum baseball bat, striking him in the back and shoulder. She was wearing a onesie covered in snowmen during the alleged attack.

For some reason, I am unsure whether the onesie is a sign that she’s a sexy little minx, or that she’s batshit crazy. Probably a little from column A, a little from column B.

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