Breaking The Mall, Breaking The Mall

philadelphia-mills-mall-flash-riotA few hundred animals spent their post-Christmas free time converging on a Philadelphia mall and participating in assorted small riots.

Four teenage boys were arrested after a large crowd of juveniles caused a disturbance Tuesday evening at the Philadelphia Mills mall in Northeast Philadelphia.

About 3 p.m., about 200 teens arrived by SEPTA buses tried to enter the mall and were met by the police and security detail. About 30 to 40 were able to get inside and began to run and scream and jump on tables in the food court. One boy attempted to punch a police officer and was arrested.

In total, approximately 300 to 400 juveniles took part in the “flash mob” in the parking lot kicking cars and being a physical menace to patrons visiting the mall.

Rioting at the local mall? You better believe that’s a-paddlin’.

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