Slovaks Have Their Priorities In Order

slovakia-fan-kisses-beer-during-world-juniorsRegular readers know my maternal grandparents emigrated from Slovakia. Naturally, I have embraced my Slovak roots, fly the Slovakia colors on my flagpole, and follow their national sports teams.

That being said, I am a piker compared to this man.

The couple appeared on the kiss cam at the Hockey World Junior Championships in Toronto, as the man decided to turn toward his beer while his apparent date buried her face in her hands in embarrassment.

He then planted a light kiss on the lower portion of the cup and proceeded to place his hand on the back of his head and chug the rest of the beer.

This man is one of the greatest hero is Slovak history; Juraj Jánošík, Jozef Gabčík… beer guy.

You can see the video at the link. It’s hilarious.


4 thoughts on “Slovaks Have Their Priorities In Order

  1. I thought the “significant other” was in on the whole deal. I kept thinking “this is great ….” Because we who are or have been married, know nothing comes between our men and their liquid refreshment.


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