Dixon-Cox Incorporated

bag-of-dicksA Dallas, TX human resources manager is suing a candy company to find the person responsible for sending her a bag of dicks.

Melody Lenox filed a lawsuit Tuesday after she was less than amused to receive a package of gummy penises. Lenox, who works for Axxess Technology Solutions in Dallas, alleges this is not the work of a generous individual, but someone trying to harass her.

She claims the person who sent her the bag of dicks might also have something to do with her car being keyed and bogus Craigslist ads tormenting her.

The package, which came from a company aptly named Dicks By Mail, was sent to her on Dec. 7. She sued the company demanding it reveal the prankster’s identity so she “can put an end to the harassment.” (H/T – Jim F.)

So the person send this woman a bag of penis-shaped torpedoes on Pearl Harbor Day. Nice.


9 thoughts on “Dixon-Cox Incorporated

  1. As a woman who has pissed people off just take the bag of gummy-dicks and carry them around the office and chew them up. Ticks off the retard that sent them to you and proves you don’t give an ef what they think about you.


  2. Don’t kid yourself, this chick knows full well who is sending this stuff to her. She did somebody wrong and is ticked that Karma has swung back around.


  3. Cathy – Agreed. Personally, I’d take it as a compliment. Someone is sending you candy. They WANT you to be bitter about it. Why let them win?

    MelP – Nice touch.

    Metoo – I thought of that. She just wants this person outed. She sounds like she deserves a bag of dicks.


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