State Of The Art

kyle-with-asian-statueSo my youngest son Kevin decided he wanted to take a trip over Christmas break. Strangely enough, he did not suggest Disney World, the mountains, or the shore. No, Kevin wanted us to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Okay, that was an odd choice for an eight-year old, but Kevin has always been ahead of the intellectual curve. We agreed to go Friday, primarily because in 47 years of living in Philly, I have never been to the Art Museum. (Yes, I am a Philistine.)

We arrived around 11am, and the tourists were already crowding the Rocky Statue, which was moved off the Museum steps and placed nearby. The line to get a photo next to it was literally fifty deep. So, we did the next best thing; we ran up the Art Museum steps, like thousands have done before us.

It’s not easy and/or I am severely out of shape.

Once inside, we grabbed a map, and took Kevin’s lead. He immediately wanted to see the paintings first, so we enjoyed some Monet and classic Family Circus. Oh wait…

Thee Art Museum is not strictly paintings, however. Kyle took a photo (above) with a granite figure in the Indian Temple Hall. The kids also enjoyed the weapons and armor exhibit, where we found this little number: a German-made pistol-sword combination. God bless those Germans!


There was also a kid-friendly exhibit where you could create your own art, and the staff would frame it for you. From left to right, it is Kevin, Erik, and Julia’s work.


The visit was more enjoyable than I imagined, and the only downside was the glaring looks I received from Kevin when I would joke about the art. Apparently I was not taking the exhibits seriously enough. He even shushed me a few times.


2 thoughts on “State Of The Art

  1. My wife is a member of the Art Museum. We went there a few years ago for the Cezanne exhibit and met up with a co-worker who was also a member. We were looking at a large canvas which consisted of horizontal strips in different colors, with a pair of Gutta Percha golf balls between two of the strips. One of us (I forget who) said “That’s the money you save by switching to Geico” and the three of us cracked up. Well, a group of folk dressed in black clothing and reverent expressions glared at us. My wife, with a BFA and 40 years as a working artist, remarked to us in a not-reverent voice “You know the people you see in museums who are laughing and having a good time, like they’re not in a cathedral? They’re the artists.” The people in black slunk away, grumbling.

    Not the only reason I love her.


  2. Lergnom – That is absolutely awesome! I enjoyed the fact my kids didn’t scream like banshees, and had a good time without being the Ugly Americans… like dad.


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