They’re Da Bomb

bombshells-restaurant-and-barNo, I am not talking about radical Islamists. Or am I? No, I am talking about Bombshells, a restaurant/bar in Houston, Texas.

Bombshells’ management wants to pop out toward every peak and valley across the USA, but don’t let the brood of boobs fool you; Bombshells is not a “Breastaurant.”


Bombshells wants to bust out. Management of the four-unit Houston-based restaurant and bar wants to take its military-themed concept — and its scantily clad waitresses and ice-cold beer — on a cross-country tear that could result in as many as 100 new franchised locations opening in the next five years.

This is all good news for RCI brass — but don’t start referring to their Bombshells chain as just another so-called “breastaurant,” the name for a burger and beer joint with scantily clad waitresses, like Twin Peaks and Hooters.

“It is not a so-called ‘breastaurant,’ ” insisted spokesman Gary Fishman. (H/TSmite)

Then why would I bother going there; for the five-star cuisine and the fifty-year old scotch? No, I would go there because, as Pam Poovey would say, Bombshells is Nippletown.”


7 thoughts on “They’re Da Bomb

  1. Happy New Year, Wyatt. Hope your holiday went well. I don’t know why the owner is denouncing the breasts. Myself, I would just embrace them.


  2. Mike – But my biological clock is ticking like this…

    Toothy – Agreed! Denouncing your own idea seems a little stupid… like when I denounced my idea for a pickle on a stick. A stickle!

    Wait, there were ammo belts?


  3. Could the corporate policy of banning the wait staff from wearing panties with their short skirts have anything to do with their popularity???…


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