Kenney And The Debts

Mayor Jim Tipsy Kenney

Philadelphia’s despicable, possibly inebriated mayor has forced his soda tax on the peasants; a tax which was meant to tax sugary drinks, but taxes all beverages except bottled water. Dishonesty at its finest.

We knew it was coming, but Philadelphia’s new beverage tax is still giving some shoppers sticker shock. Shoppers on Monday were checking receipts to gauge the impact of the new beverage tax.

Chuck Andrews picked up a $1.77 gallon jug of tea, got home and looked at his receipt. “When I read the receipt I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. I paid more in tax than I did for the product,'” Andrews said.

The tax on the $1.77 gallon of tea was $1.92 cents.

A customer at a Save-A-Lot on Woodhaven Road snapped a picture of a 12-pack of diet green tea and the price surge of what normally costs $4.99. It’s now $8.03.

Jim Kenney is the most liberal mayor this city has ever seen, and like most Philly mayors, he is galactically incompetent. Luckily, I live a few miles from the city limits, so I’ll be making our beverage purchases in the suburbs. Barring that, I drive through Abington and Cheltenham on the way to work. Those townships will receive my hard-earned dollars.


6 thoughts on “Kenney And The Debts

  1. What a jackass! He is going to end up hurting the business owners in all of this because more people will purchase elsewhere if they have the means to get there. And, your mayor does look like he may imbibe a bit too often. He has the classic “I like booze a lot” face going on. Why is it the liberals never look at the long term consequences or if they do, they just don’t give a rodent’s hiney????


  2. Metoo – Kenney knows the consequences, but he is too arrogant to think the businesses will leave town. I know my money will leave, especially when the boys are clamoring for Mello Yello.


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