SUV Visits The Water Down Under

suv-falls-off-barge-and-sinksAn SUV splashed onto the Australian scene last week after it was spotted diving for pearls.

A four-wheel drive has fallen off a barge heading to Fraser Island and sank.

No-one was inside at the time, but a group of backpackers on their way to the island for New Year’s Eve lost their mobile phones, bank cards, passports and other valuables when the rented vehicle rolled out between Inskip Point and Fraser Island, north of Brisbane, about 10:00am.

Backpacker Chloe Swift, who was on the barge as part of the same backpacker tagalong group, said it was a “really sad and scary start” to her Fraser Island trip.

“There were a lot of girls obviously crying. Their phones and everything are in the car that sunk,” she said.

If this had happened a decade ago, Steve Irwin may still be alive. You know, because he would have a place to hide from the stingrays. What, too soon?


4 thoughts on “SUV Visits The Water Down Under

  1. Would love to hear that call to the rental agency! I used to title vehicles for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the stories people would tell when they brought their vehicle back or …….didn’t.


  2. Metoo – The few times I needed a rental I made sure the tank was full and the car was washed, I was so afraid of getting yelled at by the employees.

    Mike – There was no emergency, so the emergency brake was not needed. Or something.


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