Orange Is The New Black


My youngest son Kevin has taken up Krav Maga – which is apparently different than Karate (the Dane Cook of martial arts) – at Premier Martial Arts Counterstrike Kenpo. The boy has really taken to it, and passed his first belt test – while fighting with a broken arm – in September. Last night Kevin, a yellow belt, took his orange belt test.

He aced it.

His punches were strong, his kicks accurate, and his overall form was very good. Kevin passed the test easily, and was rewarded with his first weapon: the bo staff. God help his brothers and sister.

5 thoughts on “Orange Is The New Black

  1. E.L. – Thanks. He really took to it, which is nice because he never really liked team sports. He wanted the entire family there, because he said “This is the biggest moment of my life.”


  2. So, when the Princess starts dating & the young, innocent boys come to pick her up, you’re going to sit in the living room cleaning your guns & Kevin will be practicing with his bo stick, right?


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