Remembering Clay Marc Bond

Clay Marc BondToday is the seventh anniversary of the death of my friend, fellow blogger, and frequent commenter Clay Marc Bond (aka Right Wing Prof).

My beloved companion and dearest friend fell asleep in the Lord at 1:45 this morning, after a short struggle against an overwhelming foe, with the sweet acceptance that has characterized his gallant witness through this entire ordeal.

His brother Jan, sister-in-law Phyllis, and I were holding his hands at the moment of death.

Clay was the sort of professor you would want your children to have; sensible, funny, and conservative. He was also the friend you would want to have; courteous, loyal, and a hockey fan. There is not a day that goes by when I do not think about him. He, like many of you, is intrinsically linked with my blog.

Rest in peace, Clay. May your memory be eternal.

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