Strife In The Fast Lane

sheree-siddallMeet Sheree Siddall of Yorkshire, England.

Sheree is a young, beautiful woman caught in a fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday world. As such, she does not have time for speed limits. She does, however, have time for selfies.

Sheree Siddall, 30, was desperate to shift the speeding points after being slapped with her fourth speeding conviction in two years. She asked Facebook friends if anyone would be willing to take her points for cash.

However, the make-up artist’s scheme was foiled after her plea for help was seen on social media by a police officer.

Wow, future MENSA member there.

Siddall’s social media page also reveals selfies taken while at the wheel of her car. The steering wheel is clearly seen in her sunglasses lens, where the road can be made out. On one photo, a friend commented: ‘Reflection in them sunglasses says three more points LOL.’

Following the hearing, a post on Siddall’s business Facebook account stated: ‘Due to unforeseen circumstances Sheree will be unable to work for the next two months.’

In fairness, Sheree can afford to ignore the posted speed limits since she has two giant airbags attached to her chest.


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