Meeting The Great Unwashed


Michael Smerconish was a “conservative” Philadelphia talk radio host on WPHT 1210AM. The word “conservative” is placed in quotes because he was always very left of center; more along the lines of a John McCain, Hugh Hewitt, or Michael Medved conservative. Immediately after the 2008 election, however, Smerconish took the minuscule leap to the other side, claiming the GOP’s ideology did not coincide with his special snowflake agenda. Smerconish left WPHT, landed gigs at CNN and MSNBC, and dropped his conservative mask.

In the years which followed, Smerconish’s elitism – like the Grinch’s heart – grew three times its size. Republicans were racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic rednecks he wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot BMW. Now after Donald Trump’s election, Mikey is rethinking his elitist attitudes – and failing miserably at it.

I’m feeling a disconnect to just under half the nation. My failure to see Donald Trump’s ascension was compelling evidence of my being out of touch with 46 percent of the country.

I attribute that to my living in a virtual gated community defined by a number of factors, including: my zip code (No. 189 in the nation for home value, according to Forbes); my Penn Law graduate degree; my political registration as nonaffiliated; where our kids go to school; the car I drive; my weight consciousness; and even the TV I watch (loved The Crown; Duck Dynasty not so much). Even my Christmas lights – white LEDs – not the fat, colored bulbs of my youth.

In the fifteen smug, condescending paragraphs which followed, Smerconish insults everyone and everything enjoyed by we plebes in the middle class. The irony of this is his diatribe is exactly why Trump won the election,and like most elitists, Smerconish simply doesn’t get it.

The article cemented what I already knew about this man; he is a despicable person who made his money by pretending he was someone he was not.


13 thoughts on “Meeting The Great Unwashed

  1. He, Meryl Streep and east and west coasts elites just don’t get it and don’t care to, in my opinion. They are happy with the misconception that they are in the right and the rest of us are uniformed, inbred idiots. They forgot one important fact; we can think and reason for ourselves and know when we are being fed manure.


  2. Metoo – In 2008 you folks in Iowa were the greatest things since sliced bread because you voted for Obama. In 2016, you’re back to being racists again. Funny how that works out.


  3. Loki – Get him some cream cheese, stat!

    Mike – I was surprised the hosts on WPHT ripped him yesterday and today for his antics. I figured they would ignore the story.


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