Clay Achin’


This is obviously not universal, but plenty of Democrat politicians despise police officers.

Democratic lawmakers plan to rehang a controversial painting on Capitol Hill that angered law enforcement groups with its depiction of police officers as pigs, after Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter personally took down the picture last week.

A Monday press release from the Congressional Black Caucus and Rep. Lacy Clay, D-Mo., whose office for months had sponsored the display of the student artwork, announced that Clay and CBC members will “rehang” the piece Tuesday morning in the Cannon Tunnel.

The acrylic painting depicts a police officer as a pig in uniform aiming a gun at African-American protesters. Two birds — one black, one white — fight, and beside them, an African-American protester holding a scale of justice is crucified.

Make no mistake, organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus and straight-up racist, and they see police officers as their enemies.

Thank goodness there are politicians like Duncan Hunter in Washington.


13 thoughts on “Clay Achin’

  1. I can’t believe that anybody thinks it is appropriate to hang in a public place, let alone a government building. What the frack is wrong with the world??


  2. I haven’t actually figured out how this piece stays, even after Hunter Duncan removed it. There are so many people highly pissed off, I would think it would get defaced, but they probably have private armed guards nearby with orders to shoot and kill white people who attempt any vandalism.


  3. I think we have a port-potty on my jobsite that would be an appropriate place to hang it.

    Of course, it would probably stink up the place so bad no one would use it again.


  4. I really think that Congressman Duncan needs to apologize for taking it down in the first place and offer to rehang it himself. Except he should use a noose instead of wires and say that no one should be offended because that’s his artistic vision……………

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  5. Mike – I think it was done by a high-schooler, but still, it’s not exactly Rembrandt.

    Jenn – Lacy Clay hates police officers, because a wealthy congressman was oppressed. Or something.

    RG – Probably Black Panthers, because they wouldn’t ask the Capitol Police.

    TXNick – Or you could hang it at the bottom of a deep water well…

    Tam – It’s funny how police cannot lump all blacks into one category, but it is perfectly fine for the opposite to occur.


    1. You’re right about lumping people into categories. I had black people at work who were pretty good friends and I also have some policemen who are friends. I spent a week fishing in Ontario with one of my cop buddies. We were also run out of our home of 28 years when homies and thugs started infesting the neighborhood and I’ve dealt with a couple policemen who were total jerks……………..


      1. The residents of my division are probably 80% black. If I was a crazy racist, I wouldn’t be able to do my job. “Sorry, I can’t interview this victim because he’s black.”


  6. Get a Muslim cop to walk through & complain. That’ll make Clay’s butt tighten up faster than anything. We’ll get the joy of watching them spin faster than anything.


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