Loading A Different Type Of Bomb


When I am not working, coaching, or chasing my rugrats around the house, I like to unwind with some violence. And since I can only beat my wife until she falls unconscious, I need something more. That something is usually World of Tanks. The game is video crack, and I am the city’s biggest crack whore.

While Mrs. Earp was with Kevin at Krav Maga, I had some quality time with my new computer. Julia was on the older computer on the other side of the room playing games.

My match was going well. I already had two kills and dealt a crapload of damage. Then I got cocky, moved out from behind cover and was instantly ammo racked by a Russian KV-2 (above). Forgetting who was in the room, I yelled, “F**K!”

Seconds later, I heard Princess P.

“Daddy, you said the baddest of bad words. You need to be slapped.”

Julia came over to my chair and slapped me in the face. Hard. She then told me not to do it again and calmly walked back to her computer.

What was I gonna do? She was right and I was wrong. I deserved to be slapped.


6 thoughts on “Loading A Different Type Of Bomb

  1. Busted! This made me laugh out loud. Picturing your princess delivering a smack-down is priceless. You and the Mrs. have done a good job instilling right and wrong in the younger Earps.


  2. That is too funny!! I still remember the day I came home early and my wife didn’t know I was home, and she hit her thumb with a hammer, and I heard words come out of her mouth that I had never heard before–she was so red and embarrassed, and I just couldn’t stop laughng…


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