Happy Birthday Kyle!

kyle-with-blank-pistolToday is my oldest son’s sixteenth birthday.

Kyle is everything you would want in a son; he’s smart, he’s an accomplished athlete, and he avoids the drama which comes with a girlfriend like the plague. Sadly, all of this is negated by his sarcastic attitude. (Kidding.) I have no idea where he gets it, but I blame his mother.

It’s been an up and down few months with the boy. While his honors classes have been a breeze thus far, the lacrosse team still does not have a head coach. The situation is definitely stressing him out. and with the season starting in May, the school needs to hire someone, stat.

For his part, Kyle has not asked for any gifts. We’ll get him something, but he said he really doesn’t need anything. We are, however, taking him and the family to a Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey game this evening. That should tide him over.

I offered to hold a Sweet Sixteen party for him, but the only response I received was a scowl… and possibly a single raised finger.

Happy birthday, Kyle! We love you.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kyle!

  1. Metoo – I certainly will. I was going to send this to his cellphone at school…

    Toothy – BITE YOUR TONGUE! (Oh, and the photo is from Tombstone. The reenactment folks let him pose with the blank pistol. I gave him crap about his trigger discipline.)


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