Pax Romano


Meet Cody J. “Corky” Romano. The only thing Cody desires more than alcohol is, well, more alcohol. Thankfully for Cody, every night is crowd surfing night, and his stage dives are a smashing success.

A New Year’s Eve reveler was arrested after belly-flopping onto a Menasha Police Department squad car shortly after midnight, smashing the vehicle’s windshield.

The 25-year-old Kimberly man had been drinking and had already jumped onto a different vehicle near Oak St. and Nicolet Blvd. before police arrived to investigate that incident.

Dashcam video shows the man charging toward the stopped squad before leaping onto the windshield.

You can see the short, but hilarious, video at the link. Personally, I gave Cody’s dive a 9.5, but he only scored a 7.8 from the Russian judge.


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