Sunday Services


This week’s services focus upon country music star Toby Keith. Toby made news this week when it announced he would be performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremonies.

Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, Lee Greenwood and actor Jon Voight are some of the musicians and celebrities scheduled to be at a free celebration on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Thursday.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced two celebrations to take place at the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday. The first, Voices of the People, will feature high school and military marching bands, choirs and other local performers while the second features some more high-profile artists.

Mrs. Earp is a huge country music fan, which means I am a huge country music fan as well. I like Toby Keith’s music – with the exception of the Red Solo Cup; God, that is so overplayed – but more importantly, I like Toby Keith. He is a good man who has all the right enemies.

There are more pics below the fold…


While Toby has all the right enemies, he also has all the right friends. Like our service members.


The Dixie Chicks despise Toby Keith, and that alone is enough to make me a fan.


I honestly do not know if women find Toby attractive, and if not, I apologize. He’s here today because I think the guy is a straight shooter, and because he is about to catch a lot of hell for performing for Trump.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. Waiting for the Dixie Twits peroxide heads to explode.

    I still say that Kid Rock & Hank Jr should play at the inauguration. Someone else suggested Nugent, which would also be an excellent show. Just for chits & giggles, Trump should have a Russian orchestra play, AFTER announcing that the majority of the entertainers were too butt-hurt to put their widdle feewings aside & play for the American people.


  2. Have liked Toby’s music for years. I still tear up when he sings “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American). Eight years of Obama has decimated the pride many take in this country. And, if you still need some perspective on the sacrifices made in the name of this country listen to his song “American Soldier”. Great choice for Sunday services, Wyatt.


  3. Toby’s a Democrat, so it confuses the hell out of liberals when he supports the troops. Toby was also attacked by brain dead liberal scum (but I repeat myself!) Max Blumenthal, stupidly saying that “Beer for my horses” advocated lynching black people.


  4. Cathy – Glad you’re pleased.

    MelP – Nugent would explode liberal heads. Sign. Him. Up.

    Metoo – Thank you. I wasn’t sure with this one, but glad you guys are happy.

    Mike – Blumenthal is a despicable person, which is fine; but he’s also an idiot, which is not so fine.


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