Zip It, Or I’ll Zip It

the-leave-me-alone-sweaterDo you despise humans? Are you painfully shy? Have you been parachuted into in a cold climate? If the answer is yes, do I have a sweater for you!

The Leave Me Alone Sweater looks like a regular rollneck jumper. But when you need alone time, you’re able to roll the neck of the jumper upwards, zip it closed, and shut yourself off to anyone around you in your own cozy cocoon.

Creator Ruth Grace Wong explains that Leave Me Alone mode is ‘more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing’, as once zipped, you can’t actually see anything. Or breathe freely.

But really, you don’t need to stay in your jumper cocoon for long. You just need to be mid-conversation, nodding along, then slowly, silently zip up your jumper. It really sends a message.

In my opinion, the Leave Me Alone sweater is the greatest invention since sliced soup. When Ruth rolls out a men’s version, I will make her wealthy beyond her dreams.

In fact, I am buying a gross of these for Stephellaneous, and be the hero she deserves.

8 thoughts on “Zip It, Or I’ll Zip It

  1. Mike – Our cruisers can’t repel fabric of that magnitude!

    Steph – When I saw this, I immediately laughed and thought of you. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t your idea.


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