Florida Is Going To The Dogs

bradley-jean-hubbardMeet Bradley Jean Hubbard. This handsome devil enjoys a simple life free of soap, razors, and female companionship. After all, who needs a woman to satisfy their needs when you have a pit bull?

23-year-old Bradley Jean Hubbard was arrested on Monday in Pensacola, Florida on claims he’s been having sex with the family dog for years.

One of his own family members alerted the authorities saying she had physically seen Bradly take the pitbull mix, named ‘Baby Girl,’ to his room and engage in sexual contact with her. She estimates it’s been happening more than 100 times in the past years.

The family member also says she witnessed the attack because Bradly’s bedroom door has a hole in it as a result of a previous violent outburst. (H/T – L-Frame)

Wow, he doesn’t look like a violent guy. If there was any justice in this world, Hubbard would be forced to strip naked, put on a pair of meat underwear, and be thrown into a pen with rabid, hungry dogs.


5 thoughts on “Florida Is Going To The Dogs

  1. It wasn’t that he had sex with a pitbull. It was afterward when he’d never call, he wouldn’t write! Pretended not to know her when they met on the street…


  2. I’m thinking part of his deviant behavior can be blamed on the fact that his middle name is spelled Jean instead of Gene which is the male spelling. I think the pitbull should tell Bradley he’s ready for oral sex. I’m betting Bradley isn’t man enough to place his junk in his pup’s mouth.

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  3. Was gonna make a comment, but MeToo’s suggestion of oral sex left me with nothing to say. Not that I want to see this guy’s junk, but I might pay to see the pitbull give him a, well… Lewinsky with teeth, sharp teeth.


  4. Mike – Then threw her pics on one of those revenge pr0n sites. That bastard!

    Metoo – I’m sure it’s spelled that because he’s French. Wait, do the French bang dogs or eat them?

    RG – Like one of the final scenes in Hostel II. Trust me, it’s not pretty.


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