Go Speed Racist, Go!


Congressman and Untouchable Person of Color John Lewis will boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday, claiming Trump is an “illegitimate” president. These stunts are becoming tiresome.

Georgia representative and civil-rights leader John Lewis announced last week that he will boycott President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

Newspapers continue to cite the boycott as an unprecedented act. But this isn’t the first time Lewis has boycotted a presidential inauguration. According to a Washington Post article written on January 21, 2001, Lewis and other members of the Black Caucus boycotted George W. Bush’s inauguration because they didn’t “believe Bush is the true elected president.”

I am in no position to question John Lewis’ civil rights bonafides, but it seems to me the people who endlessly remind you they marched on Washington/Selma/Kissimmee are also the people who were not as crucial to the cause as they would have you believe. Either way, this trend of never speaking ill will toward those liberals deem immune needs to end.

Ace at AOSHQ said it best: “This racist is boycotting all presidents with skin colors not his own.”

10 thoughts on “Go Speed Racist, Go!

  1. Lewis only boycotts white Republican presidents, so, there’s that!
    About thirty Democrats have promised to boycott, thereby raising the collective IQ of the crowd by at least thirty points!


  2. John Lewis, same guy who said white people called him the “N” word, but couldn’t produce any video proof, though the rally was highly recorded. What and f’ing loser. I’m with Alfie when it comes to the IQ of this group. He may have marched with Dr. King, but he sure doesn’t subscribe to King’s views. What an asshole.


  3. Mike – It’s official: dissent is patriotic again!

    Cathy – Sharpton, like Lewis, needs to shut up and sit down.

    FD – Yep.

    RG – He is, indeed. Sadly, Atlanta continues to elect this jerkass. I guess that explains why that city is in such terrible shape.


  4. Let’s just stop calling these racists “civil rights leader”. They are no such thing, and insult the people who are really leaders in promoting civil rights of all people. People like Lewis simply stink, no matter what color they are.


  5. Im not stressing this guy, he is a “public servant”
    that enjoys a great welfare check. Although most in office get that, he has proven hes a lifer.


  6. Ed – The founders never intended these positions to become careers, but that is exactly what people like Lewis, Harry Reid, and John McCain have made of them. It’s unseemly.


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