Slot For Teacher


Mrs. Earp spent her post-college time as a teacher in the Philadelphia School District. When our first child was born, she put career ambitions on hold to raise our little monsters. Her school was in a war zone, and day care would probably offset her salary. So, she became a stay-at-home mom.

Now that all the kids are in school, Mrs. Earp wanted to ease herself back into the game. Last year she obtained her clearances and background checks – apparently no one found out about that dead hooker – and started helping out at the kids’ grade school. This year, she’s been going twice a week to work with the computer class.

Yesterday, she received a call from the school, asking if she could come in today as a substitute teacher for the first grade.


Oh, and she is going to be paid for it.


So, I’ll have the entire house to myself on my day off. Well, I would have, but Julia is home sick. Figures.


7 thoughts on “Slot For Teacher

  1. Metoo – I am now… Erik is also home sick. So all the plans I had – food shopping, taking down the last of the indoor Xmas decorations, walking around the house nude – have been nixed.


  2. Hey, just do what fathers have done with sick kids since time immemorial. Give them a shot glass or two full of whiskey mixed with sugar, tell them it’s medicine and then put them to bed. They’ll sleep like babies all day long and you can then do whatever floats your boat. If the little darlings wake up with a headache and start spewing, you just tell the lovely missus that it’s a really bad case of the flu. There, problem solved……………………………..

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  3. Toothy – She is completely exhausted. The kids were fine, but she pretty much stood all day.

    Tam – My grandfather was good for that. Sick? Jack Daniel’s. Bruised knee? Jack Daniel’s. Bee sting…


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