A Period Piece

congrats-on-your-periodA Florida – where else – mother decided to celebrate her daughter’s special occasion, so she ran to the store, stopped at the bakery, and set up the best damned period party the world has ever seen. Yes, you read that correctly; the woman threw her daughter a period party.

It’s official: social media sites are destroying America, tweet by insidious tweet.

When Brooke Lee, 12, from Jacksonville, Florida, reached the landmark moment, her mother took the unusual step of surprising her with a ‘period party’.

Her 17-year-old cousin Autumn Jenkins shared pictures of the event on Twitter, writing: ‘Brooke started her period today and my family is super extra.’

Brooke was given a chocolate cake decorated with the words ‘congrats on your period’ written in red icing and pizza as well as tampons and pads.

Is this woman out of her bloody mind? I get she wants to have friends over and decorate her pad to the max, but this momentous occasion is best kept under wraps.


6 thoughts on “A Period Piece

  1. If I were the daughter, I’d be mortified. Although I did contemplate a party after my hysterectomy. (It ended up being a very private affair with just the hubby and myself.) All the fun and none of the consequences or worry.


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