tom-brady-smilingThe despicable, infantile leadership at the NFL included three of the four remaining quarterbacks for this weekend’s playoff promo. Guess which QB got the unwelcome colonoscopy?

NFL Network Leaves One of the Four QBs Out of Their Championship Weekend Promo. Guess Which One.

Seriously, what other conclusion could any rational mind draw other than the NFL’s Ministry of Propaganda is trolling Brady with this? What, they ran out of time? There was only space in the graphic for three quarterbacks? So how did they decide Brady had to go? Blind draw? There are people saying that this is the best collection of QBs ever to make it to the league’s final four. And here’s the NFL’s media arm deciding they want to promote three of them. I’m less insulted by the slight on TB12 than the fact they think anyone would think it’s inadvertent.

I despise the NFL brass, especially that piss-flap Roger Goodell. While I still refuse to watch NFL games, I am a big fan of Tom Brady because he 1. played his college football at Michigan, and 2. because the NFL bigwigs hate him.

I sincerely hope the Patriots win another Super Bowl, and Brady sticks the Lombardi Trophy up Goodell’s inexplicably tight ass.

10 thoughts on “Prostategate

  1. I hate the NFL as much as you do. My son is a fan in the true sense – he is fanatical. He loves the Denver Broncos, so it goes without saying, he hates the Patriots and Tom Brady. He is less than please with me because I am rooting for the Patriots to win just so Brady can do as you say and stick the Lombardi Trophy straight up Goodell’s ass. Roger Goodell himself is the reason many many former NFL fans have left. They could replace the guy and I doubt I’d go back, but you never know. He is such a total loser when it comes to running the NFL and not alienating all the fans and all the players. What a dick.

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  2. I gave up on pro-football and recently gave up on college. A good high school game in a small town with neighbors is still great. Big high schools have gone the way of colleges. And I miss the New Years day when you got to watch ALL the bowl games and get stupid drunk with friends!


  3. RG – The NFL also demanded a Super Bowl spot for 84 Lumber be rewritten because it references a border wall.

    Cathy – Agreed. I won’t watch Michigan anymore because of their BLM protests, so I watch the Arizona Wildcats.


  4. Tom Brady. Very upstanding young man. Knocked up his girlfriend and then dumped her so he could upgrade to Giselle……………..

    Here we go Steelers, here we go. And yes, Big Ben is a jerk too. I miss the old days with Bradshaw……..


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