Indiana Jonesing

fake-newsAn Indiana YMCA is being targeted by special snowflakes because they discontinued broadcasting CNN on the gym’s televisions.

A YMCA in Valparaiso decided to ban CNN from TVs in its workout area after President-elect Donald Trump characterized the network as “fake news.”

“In order to eliminate perceived political bias associated with national news outlets, the Valparaiso Family YMCA will only be showing local news channels in the future,” the Valparaiso YMCA said in a statement.

The move, though, rankled some. A YMCA member said CNN was a fixture on TVs in the workout room for years.

“To me, it’s blatant censorship that I find very surprising,” member Greg Quartucci told CBS Chicago. “The timing of this was very peculiar, because I think it was basically a day or two after Mr. Trump claimed that CNN was fake news.”

I find it surprising liberals have no problem censoring the Ten Commandments, the Confederate flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance, but the moment someone toys with their icons, all hell breaks loose.

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