School Lies

Riotous Freddie Grey Brick Hurler

Teachers from the School District of Philadelphia are offering a new curriculum to their students this week. The children will be indoctrinated in the merits of the Black Lives Matter terror group.

A Philadelphia School District teachers’ group has planned six days of action this week, encouraging educators to introduce optional curriculum and activities – from “The Revolution Is Always Now” coloring pages for very young students to a science lesson about the biology of skin color for older ones.

For Leftists, everything revolves around race. Everything.

“We all deserve fair but critical treatment,” said Charlie McGeehan, a member of the Caucus of Working Educators. “I don’t think that Black Lives Matter is antipolice.”

McGeehan is absolutely correct. Sure, the Black Lives Matter thugs chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” but that’s actually a compliment. I mean, who doesn’t like crisp, delicious bacon?

The lessons are not mandatory, and in fact not sponsored or sanctioned either by the school system or the PFT. It’s up to individual teachers whether they participate and how, from wearing T-shirts to engaging students in lessons.

This paragraph is doled out for public consumption. The real translation is quite different: “The lessons are not mandatory, but there will be reprisals for students who refuse to participate. The school district and the teacher’s union did not publicly sponsor or sanction this despicable decision, but they most certainly agree with it.”

The organizers want teachers to think about lessons based on the 13 tenets of the Black Lives Matter movement, from empathy and diversity to transgender affirming and unapologetically black.

Obviously, the writer forgot to mention BLM’s tenets of cop killing and rioting.

I spend thousands of dollars a year to send my children to Catholic school. While the cost is financially demanding, the decision to keep my kids safe from indoctrination is worth every penny.

3 thoughts on “School Lies

  1. It truly is worth every penny! I think most of us knew it was just a matter of time before BLM indoctrination would be a requirement in public schools.


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