True Detective Stories

sweet-old-lady-baking-cookiesSunday was a miserable day, work-wise. We were crazy stupid busy, the victims were galactically annoying, and the cops… well, the cops were dumber than dog poo.

Take this story, for instance. An elderly woman called the division, claiming her house was burglarized. The woman stated her friend was house-sitting for her, and when he entered the location, the house was ransacked and most of her possessions were missing. Jewelry, China, family heirlooms, the works.

The woman’s friend called 911, and when police arrived, they stated they could not take the report because the victim was not there. The woman was called, and she broke down crying. The woman had no homeowner’s insurance, and she could not make the report personally because she was in a hospital.

The surgeons were going to amputate her leg Monday morning.

So this woman was dealing with a ransacked house and the loss of her possessions the night before she was losing her leg, and the police were doing nothing for her.

Regular readers know I am an insensitive jackass who uses dark humor to hide my insecurities. On the flip side, I also hate people. That said, there was no way I wasn’t going to help this woman. After talking to my sergeant, we called the district supervisor and demanded they take the burglary report. The friend could give a basic breakdown of what was taken, and the woman could fill in the gaps when she is out of recovery. The supervisor hemmed and hawed for a bit, and finally agreed when we said we would call her captain.

The good news is the victim had her report taken, her house processed for prints, and hopefully a little peace of mind.

7 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. The supervisor sounds like she could give the term “cold-hearted *itch” a whole new meaning. Really glad the police could help this woman. She had more than enough she was having to deal with prior to the burglary.


  2. Mike – Well, her politics lean a little to the left.

    FD – It’s my job.

    Metoo – It really made me angry, if only because the woman started crying on the phone. I can’t deal with crying… especially after sex.


  3. You’re telling all of your thousands of readers that PPD uniform patrol will not do an initial felony investigation when presented with obvious evidence? The “victim” was reporting the crime through a keyholder/representative and the PPD response is “Meh”? Yikes! The scenarios are endless. Not going after a murder because the victim is not reporting the crime? “Sorry lady, we can’t write a report ’cause your husband is, like, dead.” Extreme? Maybe. How about an alarm called in by an alarm company? “Sorry, we won’t send a patrol car until the property owner calls.” A purse snatcher running away and a witness shouting, “Stop, thief!” “Oh no, we can’t go after the thief without the victim regaining consciousness and making the report.” It reeks that detectives have to “persuade” uniform supervisors to get over being stupid. You obviously have better things to occupy your time.

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  4. Mike – Where were you two days ago??? I could have destroyed her with the homicide example! (Kicks dirt, wonders why I didn’t think off that.)

    Cathy – The worst part is the victim lived in the slowest district in the city. It’s not like these cops are running from job to job.


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