This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


A fire has destroyed a mini ramp at the FDR Skatepark in South Philadelphia. Kyle and Erik spent most of their time at that particular ramp because it was not too difficult to ride, and it was rarely crowded. Naturally, they were very upset at the news.

A rubbish fire erupted at the iconic FDR Skatepark Monday, and appeared to damage a skate ramp.

Fire Capt. William Dixon said the incident was a “rubbish fire,” and that responding officers had it under control within about 15 minutes Monday afternoon. Dixon did not provide a cause, but said fire and police officers noticed the smoke while responding to a separate hazmat incident further south on Interstate 95, near Bartram Avenue.

A photo posted on Instagram shows what appears to be a hollowed-out trashcan atop a singed and still-smoking skate ramp.

The skaters believe the fire was started by a squatter – hence the downside of an open-air skatepark. The caretakers are looking to rebuild the mini ramp – which is the first place most kids – including mine – head to when they arrive.

Oh, and before you ask, the city does nothing for the park. FDR was built solely by skateboarders who have used their own funds to maintain the park. They do, however, accept donations, so if you feel like throwing them a few bucks – I dropped a bundle, mostly because my kids love skating there – you can check out their GoFundMe page.


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