Pop Go The Leftists


President Donald Trump announced the construction of a southern border wall would begin in months, and the planning for the barrier will begin at once.

In his first one-on-one television interview since being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, President Donald Trump told ABC News anchor David Muir that Mexico would be paying for the proposed border wall and that negotiations between the two nations would begin “relatively soon.”

When asked about the start of construction, Trump said it would happen in “months.”

“As soon as we can, as soon as we can physically do it,” he said. “I would say in months, yeah. I would say in months — certainly planning is starting immediately.”

In the hours after the ABC News interview took place, Trump issued two executive orders, one of which is about the commission of the border wall. The order calls for the secretary of homeland security to “take all appropriate steps to immediately plan, design, and construct a physical wall along the southern border.”

So let’s recap: the president announced the plans for the wall, infuriated the media, and made millions of leftists’ heads explode in one simple interview? #Winning.

My immediate reaction to the news is below the fold.


17 thoughts on “Pop Go The Leftists

  1. My comment on Gab: You know if Trump’s not careful, pretty soon everyone is going to expect their politicians to quickly, effectively and decisively do exactly what they said they were going to do in their campaigns.


  2. Sadly I am afraid I am going to be living on the wrong side of the wall. At least that is what I am telling all my friends. If I were Trump, I would tell the Calexit wackos that the wall is going to make a right turn at the AZ border and head up towards Oregon.


    1. Hey! There are people in California that work for a living! Through voter fraud and large populations in a few cities, a lot of good people are virtually disenfranchised. Let ’em have the coast, but the central valley and mountain regions are Republican red!
      Besides, I ain’t giving Yosemite to the godless commies!

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  3. Wonder if the idiots that are pushing for the CalExit realize that Food Stamps is a federal program. Oh, and 50% of most of the welfare benefits are fed $$$’s (good ole CA pays about 45% & each county pays the rest, except for some programs that are non-federal or county only). Kiss those bennies goodbye.


    1. California sells a lot of produce to foreign countries. At the moment of secession, all those contracts will have to be renegotiated. Plus, they’re going to have to negotiate with the US for continuing water rights. Maybe trade them water in exchange for keeping their military bases?


      1. Nah, the idiots in charge are too busy sending the water back to the ocean as fast as they can. A lot of the trees & farmland is dying, but hey out canals are full. Bumb dastards.


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