Getting To The Meat Of The Matter

karson-kidwellMeet Karson Kidwell of Florida. The 25-year old had fallen on hard times, which were so bad she could not even afford a decent dye job. So, like many women in her predicament, she turned to a life of crime. Thankfully, she chose theft, and not, say, prostitution.

Karson Kidwell was charged with grand theft after she stole $574 of items from Walmart by stuffing the items into a duffel bag. A Walmart loss prevention manager reported the theft.

The loss prevention manager noted that Kidwell took the items to the front of the store and attempted to walk the items out the door.

Among the items recovered: DVDs of the movies “Magic Mike,” “The Campaign” and “Bad Teacher” and several tools, batteries and food items, including chicken and dry salami.

So she “allegedly” stole a Magic Mike DVD, batteries, and a dry salami? I think we all know what she was going to do with those items… replace her TV remote batteries, grab a tasty snack, and watch a fine family film.


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