Barton Shrink


Actress Mischa Barton gave her neighbors a terrific Ashley Judd impersonation Thursday; one convincing enough that she was rewarded a trip to the nut house.

The OC actress was voluntarily taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation after the incident Thursday morning.

Neighbors found the 31-year-old on top of her backyard fence in West Hollywood screaming that her mother was a witch. She was also rambling about the ‘world shattering’, and Ziggy Stardust – which is one of her dog’s names.

Barton was wearing just a dress shirt and tie at the time.

That’s hot. What??? Every woman is crazy, so most guys would rather bang a hot psychopath than one who is not so hot.


5 thoughts on “Barton Shrink

  1. Back in 2009 she threatened to kill herself and was treated to her first stay in the mental health ward. This woman has been ill for many years.


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