The San Jose Larks


San Jose City Councilman Lan Diep was sworn in this week, but not after he brought his appropriate pieces of flair.

Most elected officials wear a stuffy suit or boring skirt when they’re sworn into office. Not San Jose Councilman Lan Diep. The legal aid attorney donned a Captain America shield while taking his oath of office Tuesday, raising a few eyebrows, setting off a social media storm and garnering some chuckles.

Diep, a self-professed comics nerd, said Captain America is the “embodiment of America’s ideals. These are the same ideals I hope to live up to as a representative of San Jose,” Diep said. “Plus, I had this really cool shield I wanted to show off.”

Considering Diep is a Republican in a Democrat stronghold, he may want to keep that shield with him at all times.

5 thoughts on “The San Jose Larks

  1. Metoo – I actually thought this was terrific. Politicians take themselves far too seriously – looking at you, Nancy Pelosi.

    Cathy – Especially when their cops sit idly by while Trump supporters get assaulted.


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