I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back…

chilis-planned-parenthood-fundraiserChili’s Grill & Bar locations in Indiana and Kentucky are offering to donate fifteen percent of customers’ purchases to Planned Parenthood from now through March.

Chili’s restaurants in two states are coming under fire from pro-life advocates for giving 15% of patron’s meal purchases to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

According to the image the abortion company posted, its supporters can bring the voucher to any of the identified Chili’s locations participating in the give back program. The voucher is good whether people purchasing food at Chili’s dine in the restaurant or order food to go. Chili’s will donate to Planned Parenthood 15% of the meal purchase between now and the end of March.

In return, Planned Parenthood will provide Chili’s with an endless supply of liver… on the cheap.

This is not the first time that Chili’s has been involved in potential donations to the Planned Parenthood abortion business. A Chili’s restaurant in California initially set up a fundraiser for a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic but eventually cancelled it after pro-life advocates complained.

Although Chili’s officially cancelled the fundraiser at their Truxel Road location, the restaurant did make a $200 donation to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Sacramento chapter, as compensation for the last minute cancellation.

How could a national restaurant chain be so oblivious to support an organization which specializes in murdering babies? All that does is alienate half your customers. It would be akin to donating proceeds to the DNC or RNC, instead of, say, the Cancer Research Institute.


6 thoughts on “I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back…

  1. The one here in Davenport has had business slow down, too. I can’t believe they don’t realize this hurts nationwide not just in their little corner of the world.


  2. Mike – Mine, too. Run a fundraiser for an organization everyone loves, like St. Jude… or Sexoholics Anonymous.

    Metoo – It’s similar to when actors spout off on politics. Why alienate half your base?


  3. We just had an Outback open here. So, Chili’s, with their less than stellar service & not that great food is going to have an even bigger run for their $.

    Wyatt, why do celubrats spout off on politics? Have you ever watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit? If you have, think about how the director kissed up to the baby. That’s what happens with these idiots, they’re surrounded by a bubble of people that never say no to them (kinda like the FORMER prezzie).


  4. MelP – I LOVE Outback! Good stuff.

    Celebrities believe people care about their political views – or really, any views outside of acting – because we see their films. They believe if we like the character they are playing, we like them personally. Not the case. All they are doing is reading lines someone else wrote for them and making facial expressions as they do it. Hell, with the advent of CG, they do even less now than they did before.


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