Three’s Company

teresa-gillard-mug-shotMeet Teresa Gillard from the great state of Arizona. Teresa is a real go-getter who likes to experiment sexually, which I’m all for, but I would rather not wear a ballistic vest in the sack.

Teresa Gillard, 42, is facing felony aggravated assault and disorderly conduct charges stemming from a confrontation earlier this month at a residence in Lake Havasu City that she shares with the victim.

As detailed in a police report, Gillard told cops that she wanted to invite her new female acquaintance over for a threesome, which she and the victim “have always talked about doing.” But, Gillard added, her boyfriend “did not want to have a threesome because he wasn’t feeling well.”

Well sir, I urge you to turn in your Man Card the moment you recover. Dumbass.

The couple began quarreling after the threesome proposal was rejected by the victim. A verbal argument between the pair eventually turned physical. As the dispute escalated, Gillard allegedly stabbed the victim several times in the arm and abdomen with a pair of scissors. The man suffered only minor lacerations.

Gillard obviously suffered a psychotic break after the rejection. While I feel for the victim, no jury will ever convict this woman because no man on the face of the Earth has ever refused a threesome.


4 thoughts on “Three’s Company

  1. Metoo – I’m socially awkward and a fatty – well, used to be – and no, I would not refuse a threesome. (As long as it’s two women, not a woman and some hairy-backed dude.)


  2. I want a recording of Wyatt screaming like a little girl when he realizes the 2nd woman is a skinny, toothless old hag. It’s two women?


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