Boiler Choom

jay-and-silent-bob-clerksThe election of Donald Trump has led to a boom for businesses, large and small. As a result, management can set or reset their prices without loss of capital. Some chose to lower their prices, while less scrupulous businessmen walked a different path.

Northern Territory Police said they received a call from a woman who complained her drug dealer had asked for more money for marijuana than usual.

“Completely offended, the woman demanded police investigate this ‘outrageous’ price hike,” police said.

Police encouraged any other residence looking to settle price disputes with their neighborhood drug dealers to contact them for help.

Later that day, the same woman called complaining the man she tried to rob fought back, giving her a bloody nose.

5 thoughts on “Boiler Choom

  1. Well that’s just another item to add to the list of stupid things to protest. This unemployed woman on welfare needs the weed to get through a tough day dealing with her 5 children.


  2. Cathy – Pfft, I use anti-psychotic drugs Works like a charm… usually.

    Metoo – Hey, it’s not her fault she doesn’t understand inflation!

    Toothy – “Cute cat. What’s it’s name?

    “Annoying customer.”

    My best friend and high school swears it’s a biography of the two of us when we worked at a neighborhood deli. Except one early Sunday, we played hockey in the store. True story.


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