Stupid Human Tricks


Two Michigan men entered a Dearborn police station wearing a ski mask, body armor and carrying AK-47s with the intent on filing a complaint against police and exercising their open carry rights. Or something.

A surfaced video on Reddit shows two men -one sporting a ski-mask and AK-pattern semiautomatic rifle- entering the police station, armed with cameras, body armor and small arms.

The duo reported that they were heading into the station to file a complaint.

They claimed they were illegally pulled over, and judging by their actions afterward, it’s difficult to see why men of such intelligence and common sense could have been targeted.

As the men entered the main lobby of the station, officers quickly took note of the situation, drawing their sidearms.

“Dude put that on the ground,” one officer says, the sound of weapons unholstering clearly audible in the background. The two protesting men continued to advance, seemingly confused before coming to a halt.

Well, it’s difficult to walk after you’ve soiled yourself. Um, so I’ve heard…

The two men –Anarcho-capitalist James V. Baker and Brandon Vreeland- were heard defending their actions, citing that their carrying of the weapons in the open was legal. (H/T – Jim F.)

Of course it is. It is also legal to go jogging, but I wouldn’t recommend it at an indoor shooting range. Dumbasses.


4 thoughts on “Stupid Human Tricks

  1. Toothy – We’ve had people come into the division armed. Usually victims. They tell us up front they’re armed and have a permit. We secure their firearm in the gun box, take their statement, then let them go with the gun. Easy peasy, Japanesey.

    FD – Sadly their day was not today.

    Cathy – Those weapons are wasted on morons like these.


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