Happy Birthday Mrs. Earp!


Today is my wife officially reaches her mid-40’s; an achievement I can celebrate because I am three years older than she is.

As you know, while you guys can come and go as you please, Mrs. Earp has to put up with my sarcastic, manic depressive attitude 24/7. She does so without complaint, and in almost twenty years of marriage – almost twenty-five if you count when we were dating – she has never punched me in the face. I believe that speaks volumes to her patience and understanding.

Mrs. Earp has yet to decide her birthday dinner, but it will involve going out… because I am a lousy cook.

Today also begins the Earp Clan’s whirlwind of parties, with three birthdays in six days.

Oh, before you ask, this is her college graduation photo, which I think is one of her best. (Plus, all the photos we have of the two of us make me look either like a New Wave 80’s reject, or a beached whale.)

Happy birthday, Mrs. Earp. I love you.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mrs. Earp!

  1. To Mrs. Earp:
    “Felicitations on the anniversary of your natal day! May you consume palate pleasing pastry & receive many desirable tributes in celebration of your arrival to this mortal coil.” – Joseph Ducreaux (?)



  2. Thank you everyone. We will be going out to dinner soon, Tiffany’s Diner. After that dance class for Julia. And no rushing to do homework and getting ready for bed because school has been cancelled for tomorrow and not a snowflake has fallen yet. Kids are outside in shorts and bare feet.

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