Iconic Artist Calls Out Washed-Up Hoor


Bruce Springsteen, the most overrated musician in history, embarked on an Obamaesque apology tour last week and informed his Australian audience he was embarrassed to be an American. Luckily, a real American hero knocked the raspy hack down a peg or two.

Springsteen opened his concert in Australia by telling fans, “We stand before you embarrassed Americans,” after reports came out that Trump criticized Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a contentious phone call.

Retired porn star Jenna Jameson did not take kindly to Springsteen speaking poorly of the U.S. in front of a foreign audience and expressed her views on Twitter, calling the musician a “knob” and an “idiot.” She also put an emoji of a middle finger to finish the tweet.

“WE are not embarrassed to be Americans, WE are embarrassed you’re showing your ass,” she wrote on Monday.

Ironic the person you would assume to be a scumbag is actually a solid American, while the person who sings “Born in the USA” – and if you read the lyrics you’ll see it is an anti-American song – is a complete and utter douchenozzle.


9 thoughts on “Iconic Artist Calls Out Washed-Up Hoor

  1. I truly wish that the darn singers would just shut up and sing and the darn actors would shut up and act. Do what you are supposedly good at and stay the heck out of politics. On the upside, perhaps his career will go away just like the Dixie Chicks after their mouthing off about Bush.


  2. Rob – Heh, nice reference. I never liked Springsteen, which is a cardinal sin when you live near New Jersey, but I think his voice is awful and his songs are mediocre.

    Metoo – I care about a celebrity’s political views as much as I care about whether a politician can act.

    Cathy – Be seen and not heard. Good advice for celebrities.


  3. I never could understand the draw of Springsteen. A third rate singer in a second rate band. The first time that I ever heard “Born In The USA” I realized that it was anti-American. Whenever I would DJ picnics and people would ask me to play it I would explain that I don’t have anything by him and point out what the song is about. Big surprise to a lot of people who thought that it was patriotic…………..


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