The Smoking Gun

ann-summers-black-power-wandAnn Summers, a British sex toy conglomerate, is recalling one of their premiere products because it could get all “Samsungy.”

Ann Summers has issued a product recall on sex toys over fears they could become damaged through “prolonged use”.

The adult store – which brands itself as “sexual innovation experts” have advertised the “precautionary recall” on their ‘Black Power Wand’ vibrators.

Why does it have to be black?

“The product complies with all relevant CE safety testing standards, but we have taken this voluntary measure in response to a very small number of isolated reports that the wires in the cord have become exposed at the base of the product over a prolonged period of use.”

Okay, if you are using a vibrator so often that the wires become exposed, you may want to think about going on eHarmony, Match, or Tinder. Or just hang out at the docks for when the fleet comes in.

The post would not be complete without the requisite Archer clip.


4 thoughts on “The Smoking Gun

  1. Mike – “Hey good lookin’, we’ll be back to pick you up later!”

    Metoo – Definitely. Of course, that kind of person probably looks like Lena Dunham. *shudder*


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