In Soviet Russia, Girl Ogles You!


A young Russian female bodybuilder whose photos wowed Instagram has been nicknamed “Muscle Barbie” by her male fans.

Julia Vins, 20, from Russia has been powerlifting for the past five years and her Instagram selfies have won praise from both men and women who admire her muscles as well as her curves.

The fitness fanatic always keeps her hair and make-up looking perfect – but she spends even more time on her muscles and can deadlift an amazing 419 pounds.

Unlike most girls, Julia decided that cardio exercises were not for her and she opted to start powerlifting instead.

I have something she can lift. It’s really heavy, but she can probably get it up to her pelvic area. Heh.

Normally I’m not a fan of muscular women, but this chick makes me feel kinda funny.

7 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Girl Ogles You!

  1. She’s pretty hot. When I lift I turn bright red and look like death – even when I’m not struggling in the least. Being pale suuuuucks.


  2. Love you yulia, inspiration to me and my sister ( beauty for me and muscle for my sister 😀😀😀😀) lots of love to you and your family……


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