Happy Birthday Kevin!

Kevin TarantulaToday is my youngest son’s ninth birthday!

Kevin is our Krav Maga star and our computer genius. When he was four, Kevin somehow managed to access the volume icon on our desktop, and change its name from “Speakers” to “Kevin.” That same year, he went on to Mrs. Earp’s Facebook, typed the word “Poop,” and pressed enter. Apparently her status was “poop” for a while before she figured out what he had done.

Now he goes on a website called Scratch and edits YouTube videos and other internet GIFs. In short, he knows more about computers than I do.

Kevin is fearless – hence the photo of him holding a tarantula – and says whatever is on his mind, which is not always a good thing. When the house next door was up for sale, and old Russian couple came to see it. Kevin said hello to them several times, and when they refused to acknowledge him, he yelled, “Jerks!” Life with Kevin is always interesting.

So today we will be celebrating our favorite Valentine’s Day gift, and enjoying chicken for the second night in a row. Kevin’s birthday dinner choice is chicken tenders.

happy birthday Kevin! We love you.

(Thus ends the Earp clan’s three-birthdays-in-six-days extravaganza.)


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