F**king Phones, How Do They Work?

jeff-and-rhoda-lytleI have often said my job security lies in the rampant stupidity of American criminals. Theere is no greater example of this truism than this story out of Monroe, Washington.

Prosecutors say Jeff Lytle hired a man to kill his wife and four-year-old daughter for their $1.5 million life insurance payout.

Instead, the text message about the sinister plan was sent to his ex-boss, who brought the message to the police, leading to Lytle’s arrest.

The text allegedly said: “Hey Shayne hows it going. You remember you said that you would help me kill my wife. I’m going to take you up on that offer.”

So this jackass starts a conversation with a hitman by writing, “How’s it going?” Yes ma’am, I think we found the problem; your son is retarded.


3 thoughts on “F**king Phones, How Do They Work?

  1. Yes, this douche bag was more than willing to have some idiot kill his wife and child for $$$. Glad he got caught before anything fatal happened.


  2. This guy is lower than a pile of dog doo-doo. Most fathers consider their daughter a princess. For money he would have his wife and princess killed? Put him in prison with the perverts.

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  3. Metoo – I can “almost” see the wife, but looking to have your toddler killed? Guy needs to burn.

    Cathy – Hopefully he lands the biggest, burliest boyfriend in the cell block.


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