Weekend At Welcher’s


Ghanian mortuary workers repossessed a corpse after the family failed to pay their bill.

Two undertakers at a cemetery remove a dead body from its coffin and hold it hostage over an unpaid debt.

The chilling scenes, allegedly in Greater Accra in Ghana, took place because the bereaved family failed to pay for the services of the mortuary men. It is claimed the amount owed was 150 Ghanaian Cedi – roughly £27.

The angry undertakers shout at the crowd while trying to loosen the dead man’s body from its surroundings. Immediately after, the clip shows an empty coffin with the two men carrying the corpse on their shoulders.

Wait, wouldn’t the coffin be worth more than the corpse? Why take one and not the other? What they should do is drag the corpse’s moldy old bones to the town square, and cut off his hands. Isn’t that what they do to thieves in Africa?

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